Type 59 equipment opinions

So I got the Type 59 and am a little torn between equipment options.

I hate tanks with 380 view range because you either run optics or have below 445, as right now, with Recon, BIA, Situational Awareness, and Food, it’s at 441.

If I throw Coated Optics on it, it reaches roughly 478, which in my opinion is more then necessary.

It’s either I have too much or too little.

My setup I’m thinking of running is – Turbo, Vents, Rammer

Looking at the gun handling, do y’all think it needs VStabs? The dispersion values are actually great, comparable to the CS-52 LIS, with a 1.8 second aim time and .3 accuracy (with field mods)

My dilemma is, do I need to drop Turbo for Vstabs, and should I drop vents for optics?

The only way I would reach 445 VR with my current setup is with a vent directive which i rlly don’t want to have to use with this, but then dropping vents for optics seems like a waste because i don’t really need 480VR.

Again, tanks with 380 VR are such a bloody pain in the ass

Please let me know your experience and or opinions

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