Unpopular opinion: Kranvagn and Emil 2 nerfs are not well thought out.

But the proposed nerf is exaggeraged. The tanks clearly were performing better than other tech tree vehicules but is such a hammer hit necessary? I think not. Remember this was 3 years ago. When everyone was arguin swedish heavies were unuseable and reload times too slow. Wg went and buffed them to oblivion. Especially the Emil 2 and Kran. But now that they are getting skinned alive, what will you do about the chief and the ebola? Infact they are more dangerous and menacing than the kran can ever be. I understand the kran was over performing , but wouldnt adding a weakspot below the gun, or increasing cupolas size , balance it perfectly? I dont think such a harsh nerf was necesaary. And in the end the turret is still as hard as ever… so its just more useless now. I expect Vz 55 to shine more in next ranked.

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