Unpopular opinion: players with a winrate lower than ~35% should be banned.

I’ve been playing this game since open beta, and one thing that’s always on my mind is what Wargaming can do to make the game better. Most of the ideas we all have have their pros and cons, but there’s one thing that I think would just be objectively good.

The average winrate in World of Tanks is 48-49%. If you have a winrate lower than that, it means you’re worse than average, unlucky or both. I personally find myself in this category — at 46.5%. I’m totally okay with this. I’m a fairly casual player.

One thing I encounter every now and then is players with a very low winrate, something like 38%. What these players have in common is that they’re all griefers. To have a winrate that low, it just statistically cannot be attriuted to being unluck. At that point, you are actively doing stuff in the game to make your team lose. This can be by blocking shoots, pushing other players, etc.

Now you might say: “but there’s already a report function, leading to them being banned” Yes, but this almost always results in a temp ban rather than a permanent ban. Also, there’s no reason for the report system to exist for this, as — I’lll say it again — having a winrate that low is completely impossible unless you’re intentionally griefing.

Now, Wargaming might counter this with: but those players contribute money to the game. Banning them would hurt our profits.

You know what hurts profits even more? Griefers ruining the gameplay experience for other players, causing those other players to quit and not spend money.

It just makes sense, gameplay wise and financially.

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