Update 1.12: 3D “Welsh Blues” Style for 🇺🇸 T110E3 Pictures

Style treated as historical, valued at 750 gold.

After launching the Battle Pass, the 3D style will be released almost immediately, but as the chapter progresses, it will become more detailed, i.e. new exterior features will be added, and when the chapter is completed, it will become “fully complete”. Description:

— Badaev is one big joker, as it turns out. A real helper. Empathy incarnate. But I gotta admit, I underestimated him. I’ve been walking around here grim as a thundercloud for a week. Not only did they send me to the literal edge of the world where ‘the high is a toasty –32°C by noon’, but they had the nerve to put me in this American tin can. Their reasoning was: ‘Why should you care? You’re English, the manual’s in English, so you’ll figure it out.’ Yeah… that’s exactly how it works. So, Badaev decided to cheer me up by bringing me a book I’d never seen before. Something about Antarctica, he said. It was supposed to help me relax since we’re here anyway. And he believed the author was a fellow Englishman. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that England and New England aren’t exactly the same place. But I appreciated his gesture and read the book… A book about Antarctica while in Antarctica. Thank you, Badaev, for At the Mountains of Madness. That was not gentleman-like at all. Just wait, I too have some tricks up my sleeves.

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