Update on the tool I’m creating for crew management to solve the limitations of the in-game barracks (it’s already useful!)


So a few weeks ago I posted an early glimpse at a Web app / tool that I’m creating to manage all your crew outside of the game in a way that actually makes sense. Initial feedback was positive so I’ve continued tinkering with it and wanted to share an update.

Crew member overview with new chart

If you just want the screenshots then scroll down.

Things I’ve changed since the last update:

Added a chart showing various statistics related to a crew member’s experience Overview of XP required to reach skills levels (blue line and area) What their current experience level is (red dotted line) Where XP / skill level would be if you applied various crew books (grey labels) This has been incredibly useful for getting an overview of how the crew XP system is exponential and that the first 50% of a skill required just 15% (ish) of the XP compared to the final 50% (which requires roughly 85% of the XP!) Added an overview of XP level and stats on future levels How much XP the crew member has right now How much XP to get to complete the current skill How many crew books it would take to complete the current skill How much free XP / gold / money it would take to complete the current skill Separate table showing crew grouped by vehicles This is often easier to use than filtering the main table Naïve detection of duplicate crew and ability to filter crews with duplicates Currently looks for crew members trained on the same vehicle with the same role Will show false-positives for vehicles that legitimately have two loaders or gunners Still, this have already been useful for finding lost crew that I forgot about And probably a bunch of other stuff that I can’t remember right now!

Things I still want to work on:

Calculator / optimiser for the potential Crew 2.0 rework Something that lets you work out how to get the best return on your crew with the update Feels like there is a “cheat” where you can dump high-skill crew in small tanks to get the most high-skill Crew 2.0 crew (if they keep the same averaging calculation regardless of crew size) Ability to add tags and notes to individual crew Will be useful to tag crew you want to re-skill or move to another vehicle during the next event Make it a lot easier and faster to pull crew data from the game Right now you have to manually run code on the game client to pull the crew data This is pretty slow as well and I’ve made no attempt to optimise it Eventually it’ll be a simple mod that runs automatically or when you click a button in-game This is the main reason why I haven’t released this yet

Crew member overview with a high skill level

Dedicated table with crew grouped by vehicle

Filtering of duplicate crew members

Autocomplete for filtering trained vehicles

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