Update – World of Warplanes 10th Anniversary (Free Gold, XP, and Premium Days)

Disclaimer: I never played World of Warplanes before today but I have ~100 hours in Warthunder when that first came out, either way it’s been years.

Reference: /u/SmallAl‘s post https://www.reddit.com/r/WorldofTanks/comments/17t0j1a/psa_for_f2p_players_you_all_really_need_to_look/

To /u/SmallAl ‘s credit he was completely accurate in how long this would take. I finished the entire set of missions in exactly 4 hours and 10 minutes per my profile page. (35 total battles, 62.85% winrate).

That timeline includes grinding to tier 5 which took ~2 hours and 8 minutes. If you already have upgraded tier 5 planes, it’s probably twice as fast. I almost entirely used the P-40 Warhawk which was the precursor/side grade tier 5 compared to his suggested P-38F Lightning.

Every game I’d just go into the middle of the map and dogfight. I don’t know how the meta works in this game, but whenever I was top tier it felt like shooting fish in a barrel. The “10k points and win” mission was probably the most annoying since it has a win condition, but it was basically a freebie when I was top tier which happened pretty often. If you’re top tier it’s pretty easy to dominate.


Grinding the game itself gave me ~300 gold from random newbie missions

Chests gave:

~2,000 gold 45,000 free exp 11 days premium Tier 6 Premium airplane (P-39Q-15) Tier 4 Premium airplane (I-153 DM-4) Tier 3 Premium airplane (Ki-18)

There’s still 325 freebie gold from new player missions I can obtain as well, maybe i’ll go back for it at some point. Overall it’s a simple enjoyable game, and was a nice little break while I did some AFK things in Runescape.

Thank you /u/SmallAl for the heads up 🙂

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