Upset of the playerbase.

For the past monthes, i’ve been less and less playing due to a relocation. This morning, I’ve played my first game for about 15 days. I have a bad internet connection (300 ms average) and I was struggleling to make my VK 100 01 P work. That was a normal loss (10 – 15) but i managed to get top 4 on damage and xp. I am happy of this result but a medium tank found nothing better to say than “useless heavy tanks, as always”. I wrote to him after the battle and said him that criticising allies playstyle wasn’t usefull but he only responded go f*ck yourself”.

I have only one question : HOW? How can yoube this mind-closed to other, thinking you’re always right in insulting other?

I think this is the biggest problem of WoT : Insults in chat, people suiciding because a so called 25% win chance.

It’s not wargaming who makes the game die. Yes, the balance of tanks is not perfect, yes, gold ammo is frustrating for F2P players, but being insulted after dying and making top 4 xp, pff, I’m done with it. I used to know a game where people say”gg” even in a loss. I used to make mistake but progressing because i wanted to get involved in this game. I used to think that tier 10 and higher tier where better. But now, i don’t feel the excitment of WoT anymore. Every battle is a pain since some people understood that, if they aren’t sttrong enough to impact the game, they could impact player state of mind.

I’m not angry, just sad for the game, sad for me, but overall, sad for them.

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