Vents still viable?

So obviously vents are still viable on some tanks, but…

Before equipment 2.0 vents were really strong, particularly for mediums. Getting a general buff to your vehicle without having to run optics made it a go to, at least for me.

After equipment 2.0 I’ve really fallen out with vents, dropping it for other pieces of equipment. With field mods in the picture there are generally better options for high tiers. An example would be turbo on a Patton or hardening for an E50M. On my STB and UDES I run rammer, stabs and aiming device, with hardening in the alternate config for close range battles.

I’ve been experimenting the most with my Leo. Just after equipment 2.0 I tried a turbo on it for a short while, which worked okay but not really worth. I tried LNE for more of an assassin playstyle, which worked surprisingly well, and recently I’ve been testing hardening on it to make it more capable at close range. The little edge in trading ability, extra track health and repair speed have definitely been an interesting advantage.

My favorite piece of equipment from 2.0 is probably the aiming device, and I run it to great effect on a lot of different tanks. I find being able to reliably hit shots is far better than the slight buff to other stats that you’d get from vents. In general being able to consistently hit shots is better than a few tenths of a second off the reload.

Trying to optimise the Leo has been interesting, and soon I will purchase a Kpz 50 t and wanted to ask you: what’s your thoughts on equipment for these tanks?

The Kpz has bad DPM and while I was planning on going for stabs, rammer and aiming device to make the gun as reliable as possible, the difference in dispersion isn’t that big when compared to a stabs, rammer and ventilation build. For the Leo I’ve also been considering running aiming device, coupled with the field mod that buffs reload at the cost of accuracy.

Both tanks seem to profit from the rounded buffs of ventilation, and while both rammer and stabilisers are obvious choices, I was wondering if any of you had any experience with this? Is it better to go for the aiming device to make the gun more reliable, or is the general but smaller benefit of vents superior in the case of these tanks? Or could hardening be a good option, so that they are more durable for close range fighting and trading?


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