As it turns out its locked to NA. So gracefully the winner passed it on to the runner-up. I will make sure next time to note this. Thanks for participating

I RNG’d 25 numbers out of the 108, then 5, then best two out of three of the 5.

Round 1

From top to bottom each number is now in series 1-25(The number is the one i assigned to you in a reply) Your new number is the row you are in. ex No. 43 is now No. 25 and so on.

Round 2

Of those 25 these are the 5 that made it

Each number is now in series from the top 1-5. Your new number is the row you are in.

No. 95 -> 1 No. 58 -> 2 No. 73 -> 3 No. 5 -> 4 No. 22 -> 5

Best two out of three with matching numbers.

Tie-breaker!!!! 2 out of 3 again Players 95 and Player 58, highest number wins. 1-1000 was used

Congrats!!!!! The winner is No. 58 95

Check your DM for the code. Enjoy!

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