Very Curious MM experience

Playing this weekend I had a run of games that defies logic. Played 9 games yesterday and 11 today . In 16 games my team collapsed in 120 seconds . That is we were down 6 tanks or more at that point.

How does this happen in a random (Fair) distribution of skilled players amongst the the two teams? I can not understand or explain this. Have been a player for long time seen runs of games where I have lost 4 or 5 in a row but this run , and the speed at which it happened within the game gives me pause. My conclusion was the opposite team was loaded and maybe intentionally .

Can anyone give a sense of what is going on and what I am seeing ? If I am wrong pls say so, but I would like you to present an explanation or a defense . This is also the 5x weekend and so the value of each victory is increased .

There is a lot of talk around cheaters , this does not look like that , but who knows ? Maybe cheaters load preset platoons with illegally upgraded tanks ? Maybe .

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