VI tier premium tanks

I’ve got a question about premium tanks on this level. I’ve noticed that on sale they are pretty affordable and I was thinking about getting one. I’ve got Lowe and T-34-2 already, but I wanted something to train crews with and a change of pace from Lowe. Ideally, I’d like a T8 tank, but I’m collecting bonds for that as I don’t want to spend too much on the game.

Do they actually make credits? How often is the sale rotating? I want Pudel for Polish tank crews, but on 1st of August there was no sale as I expected and I’m wondering when it would be possible to get it on discount. I know that there are Twitch drops, but I’ve got 6 tokens so far and I’m not sure if I’ll collect enough in time. Which tank on T6 is considered the best (except for russians non-TD)? I tried looking up skill’s index, but I’ve noticed that there are differences between his tank rating and the other perks of the tank (sometimes he marks certain tanks as bad, because they aren’t competetive, but I find them pretty fun).

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