Waffentragger event, wins for harriers (EU1 server)

Hello everyone, recently i just bought the starters to buy the astron rex, and after a few game sin the waffle…. well, with a little brain its impossible to lose with it, so, i got 4 remaining to play as the waffle, and i want to give people some wins for those harriers, and i decided to create a post in reddit to put a few wins for u games, im going to give this some time (going to finish dailys) and after that… im going to play as the waffle again, and i want ur cooperation

here are the few things i want people from reddit to do, if u see a waffle with my name (“Felesmiki[FENYX] in game), raise ur pp so i know somebody red this and i will play for ur win (not easy, but a win or at least my best while i try to get some of the engineers startes), when u are with only 1 tank left, go to a somewhat high place (easy to find) stop and raise, so i know i dont have to shot at u any more, when time is running low, just ignore me and go for the damn plasma shit i wont shot guys trying to get the plasma (idk why people even try to seek and destroy me even when im not even trying to kill them to made the game a bit longer)

lets see if we can pump up some wins for those harriers, and tbh, i would like to be more people playing like this if possible, so everyone had some wins as harriers, good luck guys

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