Wargaming please undo the MM chamges on ASIA. This is the worst update ever

Its horrendous. The games were fast to ebgin with, but now its just insane. 4 minutes. In just 4 minutes the battle is over. Wtf. You can barely do any damage and my results are inconsistent as hell. Everyone else as well. Barely able to get in 1 clip and thats it, game is over. Missions are impossible, because good luck getting 6 kills in a team of 10. Because good luck getting 8k damage in a battle of 16k total hp pool. Simply impossible. I do not care about match times, they were fast enough on HK and on AUS you atill cant enter a match regardless (thus defeating the purpose of these mm changes). Moe, ace tankers, missions, they are all impossible now. This is not WoT Blitz. Games on Blitz last longer than these, so clearly you effed up. Honest to god, worse update than the 1.13. the only decent thing is the td changes, but thats it. Utter trash change noone asked and noone expected. Wasnt even in the common test so wtf

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