Wargaming sites will not load or will load with text only.

I have had an issue for the past few days where the in-game shop wouldn’t open, and nor would the premium shop open in my browser. At first, I did a file integrity check and it worked…for a day.

Today it did the same thing yet when I tried to perform another integrity check it would always tell me ,,Unable to download updates. Please check your internet connection.” ( error code was 4009 ).

I decided to surf the internet and try different troubleshooting methods, but since none worked I uninstalled the game along with the game center. However, when I went to google to install the game again, the website wouldn’t load. Now I am left like that because I cannot even install it back and wargaming doesn’t seem to respond to my ticket that I already wrote over 24 hours ago.

Any help would be appreciated as past reddit posts from years ago have no solution at all.

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