Wargaming support is honestly pathetic and it was the last straw for me.

Perhaps “it’s perhaps the last straw” would be a better title.

Don’t really care to discuss the issue itself but the inability to actually get through to them without a pathetic response just left a extreme sour taste in my mouth.

My account is 10 year old, numerous purchases, no bans or infractions whatsoever but no. totally bullshit reply to my tickets.

Tickets constantly closed with copy pasted response. No discussion allowed. Again, closing tickets and the inability to talk to a customer is downright infuriating and disgusting behaviour from any company. Key word. Customer.

Has anyone actually had a pleasant experience with wargaming support? In two minds to just chargeback every possible wargaming purchase and be done with the game as it’ll result in account ban but I want to give them the benefit of doubt but with how they handle the issues of a paying customer is just.. sad.

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