Weak premiums

So back in the day some people might remember tanks having different routes up tech trees, s51, tiger P vs tiger 1, etc.

It made me wonder why do wg pump out so many premiums and not just add tanks to the tech tree? For example, vk 75 (rear mounted tier 8 prem) its weak(ish) why not put it at tech tree tier 8? It doesn’t need a whole branch, just give people different routes. Like the jagdpanther vs Ferdinand

Borrasque (very op) why not make that tier 8/9 MT and AMX 30B the premium ? Like the fv4202 when it was down graded to tier 8?

It would make the game especially tier 8 way more balanced as tech tree tanks can be balanced and nerfed whereas premiums cannot. Would make free to play way more fun as well as pay to win, so many more options.

I know the clear reason is money grabbing and WG make no money. But still, sell more skins, more battle passes etc.

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