Weirdest Trash Talk I Ever Seen

I felt lazy today so I drove out my Tornvagn to grind some credits. Right at the beginning of the game, a Cent 7/1 came and pushed me out into crossfire of an AE and Souma, I lost 1300 hp before getting rid of that Cent on my ass. So I came back to cover and pushed that Cent to death. I sucked at that game since I have no hp left to play normally (since my normal play style is very aggressive which won’t work well without hp). I only did 4 shots of dmg and then died.

You think I’m going to rant about that Cent? No t

There is a guy in the new ShitPack TD, who did only 600 dmg, kept yelling at me during the game. He dm me after the battle end and loaded me with more trash talking, saying I sucked and I should check out stats before pushing people. So I checked it out, I have 2740 WN8 and he has 847.

Those two guys were not platoon, not clan mates, not even on the same flank on the map. I can’t find the slightest connection between them besides they both have low WN8. Why would he be so mad at me for revenging against ass-pushing (which is not even done by him).

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