Well deserved rewards (WarGaming screwed up again)

The well deserved rewards are yet again messed up for beta testers. My registration date is from 02-10-2011 (which is visible on the forums). However in-game the registration date is 12-04-2012 (which is the date, World of Tanks went ‘officially live’ and all accounts were transferred).

Because the correct date has never been transferred in-game the beta players from around that time will not receive the correct rewards. (yay!). You’d guess WarGaming would’ve known this since the issue has been going around for a long time:

“Well deserved Reward” – Possible reason why some beta players are excluded : WorldofTanks (reddit.com)

So I tried contacting customer service. Guess how helpful they were. At least they achieved their closing tickets target…

New account btw for anyone wondering, couldn’t retrieve the password to my old account.

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