WG has dropped the ball on Italian td

Last time I played this game was close to 4 or 5 months ago, so of course when I get on again I’m a bit rusty, but happy to see a new map added that’s actually decent and a new Italian td line. I jump in the line grinding bassotto, aside from gun handling I actually kinda liked the tank. SMV cc-56 however is utter crap. It’s slow, top speed wise and turning, gun handling is complete crap, and you have pretty bad pen stats as well. The standard pen for the 2nd and last gun is the same at 175mm, which makes no sense. Armor is the only kinda decent thing, you can make it work, except for the fact that you have to sit for so long in front of the enemy to let it aim for close to 3 seconds only to have your shot go wide and bounce cuz you have .45 dispersion.

I get wargaming’s buisness model is to incentivize people into spending money on the game by making it pretty annoying to play for free, but this is overboard.

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