WG policy on gifting/selling accounts?

Hi guys so bit of back story

Started playing again recently after I see WoT had come to steam and there was the KV2 R (Warhammer 40k thing) I bought it before setting up the game and realising that I would have to make a new account on Steam to enjoy it.

So haven’t even logged into the new account on Steam, made a ticket with WG asking if it was possible to transfer the tank to my current account as I would just refund it otherwise, thought it was worth asking at least.

They replied saying that they do not transfer tanks between accounts and that if I was to issue a refund the steam account would be banned under their charge back policy.

Wasn’t to fussed but steam have refused the refund due to going over the refund deadline.

So basically have a kvr2 on an account that will never be used. I’d rather activate the tank on the account and give it to some newbie or something as I’m sure the credentials aren’t paired with my steam account (maybe not?)

Sorry for the essay just wanted to explain the situation might end up being helpful to overs down the line

And thanks for any replies and advice

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