WG putting surprising focus on detail on the Fury’s model

Love it or hate it, the Fury movie‘s arguable main protagonist is a M4A3E8 tank armed with a 76 mm on a mission against the Germans in WW2.

Problem is, the actual tank used for the movie was a M4A2E8 which was powered with a petrol engine rather than the M4A3‘s Gasoline powered one. So while the movie claims the Fury is a A3, its actually an A2 instead.

I dunno if its intentional or not but the same thing applies to the game’s version of the Fury.

If you put a Fury side to side with an M4A3E8, the fury’s hull seems to be shorter and wider than the E8 tank. The difference between the 2 is even more evident by just looking at the turret.

However, if you put a Fury next to the british tech tree’s M4A2 sherman (designated as Sherman III in the game), you’ll realise their hulls both look the exact same. Even the turrets have the same shape.

So while the Fury in game has the same exact modules as the E8’s like what the movie claims, its actual physical model is more identical to the M4A2 instead. Pretty much just like the situation in the movie.

It might be just be that the E8 looks different because its HD model was created after the Fury’s but if it was intentional, that is some serious attention to detail on WG’s behalf there.

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