WG said Crew Books won’t buy you a good enough crew under fake curtain of “Less p2w and more fairness”, but its actually makes it even more p2w and unfair now than ever.

Because you can farm 2mil credits easily without p2w and get a good crew, but you can’t farm crew XP without p2w(Premium account + crew boosters).

Now in order to get a good crew faster with Crew 2.0, your only hope is buying enough of premium account, buying enough of Crew XP boosters, which gives a huge advantage in XP (5 times x3 every day + 50% + 300% crew boosters + 100% XP boosters which can also go into crew), because Crew Books for credits will only allow you to get up to 45% crew level:


And trust me, now we have a bunch of Crew boosters, but WG will definitely make sure to make Crew XP boosters a rarity like Credit boosters or Free XP boosters after Crew 2.0.

Because, money drain πŸ˜‰

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