WG should lift the ban on reward tanks for Onslaught

See title. I think after the recent nerfs to the cheiftain and 279 (e) i think it would be great if we could actually pick reward tanks again, since these two vehicles being broken at the time was the sole reason WG banned all reward tanks. I don’t think all of them should suffer to be unpickable in any other game mode besides randoms and clan competitive games anymore. Yes, i get that their armor is untouched and it might be pretty annoying facing them hull down, but remember, Onslaught is quite a fast paced competitive mode where I don’t think people have the patience to sit hulldown for 10 fucking years in one spot. And since their DPM and gold pen is nerfed, it will be a little bit tricky for these tanks to deal with some of the superheavies, like E100 or Maus for example. Feel free to disagree, but I think we as players should deserve to be able to use our reward tanks for something other than the cancerous randoms and clan competitive modes. Let me know what you think.

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