WG too slow fixing things

So over time, with the understanding about covid slow down, WG is just too slow to fix things.

Map Balance: took too many years to fix various maps such as Glacier and Redshire (heavy tank movement north spawn) Underperforming Tanks: seems WG would rather keep introducing new premiums rather than helping tech tree tanks. And when they do attempt to adjust tech tree tanks, things tend to get whacky (e.g. AMX M4 54 (buffed then slightly nerfed). Overperforming Tanks: WG takes too long to adjust tanks that simply dominate. Many premium tanks are just “too good” compared to their tech tree counterpart, crew and credit bonuses. New Premium Tanks: power creep is a huge core issue. This makes #3 above even more noticeable. High Explosive: *ugh* Meta: hulldown w/massive turrets and nearly impossible to hit weak points. Game Rigging: tons of YouTube videos documenting the issues. I’ve encountered several rigged matches. One Tank Doesn’t Make a Difference: one team has an ELC and other side has WZ-132 on Prok. (Yes, one tanks makes a huge difference). Again a #3 issue.

Thanks for reading. Getting frustrated.

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