WG will actually ban players if you complain!

Long story short. I am in the wrong for reacting.

I was being constantly pushed into fire by a scorpion G who wanted my position. On the fourth push I did a bad thing and let him go forward, and did the same to him.

He was shot once,not killed. lesson learned, I went on to finish the game. I though nothing more on it.

He whinged in private chat, I told him to not push other players.

He must have reported me, and I have a two day ban.

I am amazed that War Gamming actually will react to complaints (I thought this was a myth). 50k battles (not a bot) and I am cross, but oh well.

It should also be noted that I am one of WG best addicted players who spends way too much. Like in same amounts of 10 years.

The point of the post that is that IT IS ACTUALLY WORTH COMPLAINING ABOUT PLAYERS!

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