What am I supposed to do in this situation?

Forgive me if this seems like a dumb question, but I’ve had a few drinks and want to just ask.

I’ve been playing for a while but I keep finding myself caught in certain-death situations. For example, pressed against a building, or a cliff-side, with an enemy up front who seems to know precisely where I am, while I can’t see them. There’s an ally behind me who is shooting them, but wants me to push. I know for certain that doing so will have me destroyed in seconds, even if I’m at full health, as the enemy seems unnaturally fast in their reactions.

Do you:

a) push forward, hoping you’ll survive a hit or two;

b) stay put, knowing doing nothing dooms your team and you feel useless;

c) try to snipe, but your gun is a pea-shooter and bounces off every enemy, and they’ll spot and kill you quicker.

It seems like I get caught in this situation a lot, where my gun is nearly worthless, but I can’t find that tiny green spot in time not to get wrecked myself.

And please don’t say ‘don’t let yourself get in that position’. That would mean being entirely useless to my team.

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