What can I do about my WR?

I consistently am in the top 3 players on my team for damage and experience. Yet night after night it seems I’m on a team of rejects that Yolo and die in the first 4 minutes and we lose 2-15 or 4-15. I’m a casual player and only get time to play 10-20 games on week nights and 40-60 on weekends (which seem to have worse teams than week nights.) Due to these poor teams I’m getting 30-40% WR.

It doesn’t matter the tier (I play 6-9 usually) or the tank type I play. Usually there are 3-5 players on my team with 0 damage and the other team usually has 1 or none. I have dropped from 52% WR to just Uber 50% in the last year due to the constant steam rolls .. of which I’m on the losing side 60-70% off the time now. Been playing off and on since 2012, but this may be the last year I play. Am I just a shlt player now or is anyone else getting this?

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