What do I do with my female crew members?

I’ve been playing for a little more than 2 weeks.

I just got my 1st female crew member after finishing the 1st set of Heavy Tank campaign missions. But I don’t know what to do with her.

I’m currently playing KV-1s and aiming for IS and then I’m not sure if I want the IS-7 or the 705a.

On my main crew I already have a bunch of skills, the 1st and 2nd at 100%, being: 6th sense on commander, repair on everyone else, and BIA, and the 3rd skills are at 91% and are:

-Comm: Recon

-Gunner: Snap Shot

-Driver: Smooth Ride

-Radio: Situational Awareness

-Loader: Safety Stowage

So this crew is pretty much set and ready to rumble. I mainly play heavies, but I plan on unlocking the 100LT at some point, and the 430u aswell. The thing is, I already have a crew with 2 Skills for mediums, and while my light crew only has 6th sense and that’s it, lights are really low priority for me, and I’m planning on having more than one heavy ready to play, like after the 1st tier X Heavy (Either IS-7 or 705a), I want to get the E100 and S.Conq. and also other russians like the double barreled one, and obviously, I’ll need a separated trained crew for every tank, even if they are 2 russians, cause I don’t want to retrain every time I switch tanks.

So what do I do with my first female crew? In general not only this member in particular, but the crew in general.

My current idea is to train hehr on heavy russians or germans, because I have the Churchill III (invite code) and I’m probably going to get the Tiger 131 from the Referal Program rewards. So I could train a full female crew for a particular heavy and then keep training my already started normal crews for the one medium and light that I’ll eventually play some day?

I’ve been thinking on putting the girls on the Lights cause it’s my most underdeveloped crew, but it’s underdeveloped cause I barely ever play lights, so, what should I do?

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