What do you think about the Type 61?

Title. I bought it today, free xpd the turret and gun, now I have it maxed, and I must say that while it definitely is a below average tank, something about it makes it surprisingly pleasant to play.

Perhaps I just enjoy some underdog tanks, because I like the centurion line as well. It has a decent combination of nice gun, not worthless, but not dependable armour, and mobility that can be made adequate. It also is quite flexible with the 10 degrees of gun depression. I run a rammer, stabilizer and turbo, because the 45 km/h forward while not unplayable, is annoying that it’s the worst tank speed wise.

I think tanks like these have a psychological effect of lowering my expectations, so I end up being pleasantly surprised how not dogshit it is to play. I think if it was just buffed slightly everywhere it has potential to be amazing (not like that’s gonna happen because WG is neglecting the japan tree.)

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