What do you think is the most difficult part of this game?

I am thinking of writing guides and tips of WoT for beginners and intermediate players. The target would be WN8 bad to very good players.

Map guides, Strategical and Situational Judgement, How to Aim Better, Pros and Cons of the Tech Tree, Beginner Recommendation of the Tech Tree, Premium tanks review etc.

But before writing posts, I think I should know what factors of the game which beginners mostly suffer are. Then I can focus on those specific topics especially necessary for newbies.

and also, I realized that my preference of tech trees is kinda far away from the beginner-friendly tech trees. What do you think is the beginner-friendly features of the tech tree? High alpha damage? No need to use mobility that much(usually HT)? Difficulty of grinding?

I would really appreciate for your answers.

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