What do you think of the M54 Renegade?

Would you say it is worth the price in the premium store? So far I have heard two schools of thought on the Renegade.

It’s a mid tank with a huge cupola, nothing special, unnecessarily hard to play with

It’s a tank with no real weaknesses apart from the cupola and sometimes maybe penetration on AP shells, which still isn’t bad compared to the likes of Skoda T56. It’s a T110E5 but in tier 8. Difficult, but a monster in good hands. If you can hide the cupola that is.

Now here is the scoop. My “good hands” aren’t exactly good – I’m re-learning how to play the game after a few year long break, and while having a good all-rounder premium seems tempting, the alleged difficulty makes me unsure.

Would you buy the Renegade? If you have it, what do you think of its difficulty? Are you closer to school nr1, or maybe nr2? I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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