What equipment do you use on T30?

I use improved aiming, gun rammer and a turbocharger.



The tank can reposition just quickly enough between hull-down spots to allow shooting from different angles. Extra reverse speed is useful for retreating behind corners; Improved aiming lets T30 place shots with relative ease, I can’t really complain about the accuracy of fully aimed shots.


Dispersion on the move and turret traverse remains shaky, which is really detrimental for playing in close-medium ranges; With the absence of improved hardening, heavies can quickly shut T30 down; With lack of view range, you’re dependent on your team to spot for you. And you’re forced to play up-close against tanks that you can actually see.

Overall, I do like this setup despite its challenges. I didn’t really enjoy playing T30 at first, but now I got the hang of this gun and it is super satisfying. However, I feel like it has a chance to be more effective. Am I supposed to put improved rotation mechanism and/or coated optics on the tank, or will it not make a big difference anyway?

How do you play with T30?

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