What if…

What if World of Tanks had an honest-to-god true story mode. Complete with historical battles and references, or maybe even story-mode exclusive tanks? Stuff like the M1A1 Abrams being available only for the Gulf War arc of the story mode.

What if proper cinematics were introduced? Similar to the old World of Tanks trailers from ages gone by?

What if there was a cut to the future of warfare. You in your modernized ERA-covered tank in 2030 after fighting a dozen enemies, seeing that humanity consumes itself in warfare as you stand against a nuclear blast that’s destined to kill you instantly when it arrives.

Complete with a track that makes you feel like you’re really making your last stand against impossible odds.

What if World of Tanks had a proper 20-30 hour campaign?

This is only my mind, but I would love to hear from the community about something like this.

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