What is the best competitive tank line that I should grind?

I am normally a free to play player, but I have 5.2k gold sitting in my acc atm and I plan on spending it on premium days sooner or later.

I am trying to decide what line I want to grind, with about 60 days of premium (if I use all the gold) I plan on getting 1 if not two tier 10 tanks.

For some background I currently have the s conq and vz 55 and I absolutely love my s conq (vz is ok).

I was trying to decide between grinding the is 7 and 277 and the 140 and 430u. If you have any recommendations on what line I should grind please let me know, I am trying to get a competitive tank (or two) to play.

A little more: I have 5.3k games played with a 50 percent win ratio and 1490 recent wn8.

any other tips or tricks for grinding is appreciated 🙂

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