what is the meta now

I’ve played some 8k games so new and not so new. No where near know it all but I do know how maps have been played by tank types and what they should be going. Now I only know the w key and tend to try and get good positions to spot and fire being a medium or fast heavy 277. Problem with this is the new meta being played is just so random. Heavies sitting back on the red line lights yoloing worse than ever. People pushing 1 vs 4 enemy with no chance of giving them support as there’s no line of site. I’m sure the tds and arty appreciate my early spots and yeah it gives some insight as to where the enemies are but mostly ignored is the mini map. Sorry just 40 pts away from 3 marking and I’m always just short. I can’t camp like the other medium heavy shitters.

Is it just the holidays?

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