What is Tier VIII+ Gameplay like? Is it worth my time to grind a vehicle?

Bit of background, I’m a F2P that started playing this game back in the days of the Beta and stopped playing around 2015 (After that, I would maybe play 5~10 matches a year just to see what changed but I never got seriously back into it). Recently, I got a free coupon for a RAM II, so my interest has somewhat been re-sparked.

All that being said, I never got a rank VIII. The furthest I ever got in the tech tree was the Tier VII Tiger P and from what I’ve taken away from this sub, it’s not exactly the best tank (but hey, given the nightmare that was the Pz 38t n.A, I felt very accomplished when I finally got my Tiger).

So, is Tier VIII+ gameplay worth the grind? Are modes that require a Tier 8 vehicles, like Frontlines, any good?

Also, I’ll put this here if any of ya’ll want to look up my player stats (spoiler, they’re garbage)

User: Generalsure

WN8/Winrate: 562/48.05%

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