What is wrong with Quickybaby?

So first I’ll tell you a bit about myself, (skip to paragraph 3 if you don’t care). I started playing the game late 2012, and although this was the darkest time of my life I found World of Tanks as a way to escape reality. I wasn’t speaking english at the time, but I found this ‘purple’ guy on YouTube and started watching him and his streams.

2 years forward and he was my idol. My english is mostly from him, as I used to watch him way too much. I became a pretty decent player myself (2600 wn8 by the time I quit the game) from watching and learning the game from him, and I took some of his in-game advice and literally applied them in my real life. I remember him saying “you’re the only constant in your games” over and over again. I stopped blaming my parents and environment for my failures and focused on doing things better. I owe him that, because if it wasn’t for his words I probably wasn’t working now as a software engineer at a well known worldwide company.

Even though it has been 5 years since I quit the game I am still keeping in touch with it. I watch streams and YT videos, quickybaby is always there but sometimes other streamers too. But every time I open up him stream nowadays it breaks my heart watching him. Constantly failing in game, pushing when he has to wait, waiting when he must push, which results in bad results. I checked his stats, and he gets 59% WR with well below average of wn8. But above all, what breaks my heart is hearing him always angry and complaining, doing exactly what he used to preach not to do. Never blame your teammates, it is irrelevant, focus on yourself. Criticize your own play and not others’. These words changed my life for the good, and I admire the man a lot for them, but it seems like he is not believing in them anymore.

I hope that is just a case of him getting burned from this game. I won’t stop watching him, it is just a habit, although I admit I enjoy other streamers more now (yzne and kajzoo currently).

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