What is your personal in game goals?

As the title says. What is the main reason you play the game or do you not have one. As I have stated in several responses to other posts the main reason I still like the game is all the options the game has when it comes to reasons to play it. Examples.. be top of the board in random battles…..Win tournaments every time you play them… play as a team and be competitive in scrimmages and/or clan battles…. Collect every tank in the game…. Grind every tank line? I’m guessing that “most” players just sign in and play random matches but do you have a “goal” to the game other than just playing a random battle after random battle? For me if all there was to the game was random battles I wii would of uninstalled it years ago. But the fun of playing tournaments and playing with the same group of players in scrimmages keeps me still enjoying the game.

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