What line, WZ 113G FT or Ho-RI 3

So, right now i’m quite unsure of what line to start first, i’m interested in both…here’s a quick summary on how far i’m in those tech trees:

-WZ line: i’ll have to start from the tier 4, but luckly, from tier 4 to tier 8(8 included) all tanks requres 0 exp to be unlocked, the only thing i have to research are the modules

-HO-RI 3 line: i’ll start from the tier 7, and have to research the gun and then research the tier 8

im primary aiming for the tier 9( the tier 8 after i got my hands on the T 9 and 10) and want to know if the tier 10 is worth( i could just stop at tier 9 if the T10 isn’t worth.

so, question, what line to focus first? or…is it worth to start these lines?

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