What tank to pick ?

I have a few more questions as I haven’t played the game for a long time and have been enjoying it again for the past few days, and a lot changed since I last played. Thanks for the advice on the previous post.

For some info I think I am a average player for the amount of games I have 3.5k, most done when I was 15/16 many years ago but for the past week I have been doing better and better (as tomato.gg says at least). There isn’t a specific type of tanks I enjoy, maybe not a huge fan of TD without a rotating turret.

E 50 M or Leopard 1 path, from what I have read both are good, so should I go for both as I have the VK 30.01

What lane to pick after Chinese Type 58 ? I think of going Bz-75

Is there any good Italian lane ?

Or maybe do you have any tips for someone returning to the game that is still quite new ? Maybe some tanks I should consider ?

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