What tanks are best for T55a missions 15?

I’m stuck on them all for years now, or at least I have 74 out of 75 done but I want to get them done with honours.

LT15 – for this I’ve been trying the ELC Even 90, and got 6k passive spotting recently so I reckon it’s a good bet. I’ve come close to it in T49 with 90mm gun too. It’s the only mission I have to complete to get the actual tank (T55a)

MT15 – I’ve gotten this done but not with honours, I can’t remember what I used but it was probably M48 Patton. I tried for 3 months to get MT15 for the T28HTC done using the Super Pershing but ended up randomly doing it one day in the T34-85M

TD15 – I’ve gotten this done in the T30, but I think the Strv103b is what I’ll use to try for it from now on. I don’t enjoy T30 gameplay I have to say.

Art15 – Got this done without honours in the Obj261. I only play arty for the missions like a lot of people

HT15 – this has been the most painful one, I’ve done it 3 times without honours in the Maus, each time I was last guy on a team that melted that managed to hold my ground. I was 1 shot away from completing it with honours and got killed by a 45% wr player in a Leopard PTA. I don’t think I’ve played Maus since. I reckon I might try 705A or WZ 5A for it, maybe Super Conq?

What did you guys use for them?

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