What Tanks are Similar to the T34-85M in higher tiers not just Soviet?

Hi, I’m fairly new to world of tanks. My first premium tank was the T34-85M after enjoying the T34-85 so much. I’m slowly getting better with a 47% win rate up from 40% and got 2 Marks on my T34-85M now.

My question is what other tanks are similar to its play style with a good gun decent armour and mobility. My crew is good with almost all maxed now. I have been grinding the Soviet tree and I have the T44 maxed and the T54 unlocked but no credits. I also bought the T54mod1 and have been enjoying it but with a fresh crew its somewhat difficult.

What other nations have similar tanks I should be working towards?

I have read and saw Progetto 46 in my games that I would love to own and also Bourasque looks fun with its strong gun.

Thanks in Advance.

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