What tanks to pick for Arnie discounts?

I have t8, t9 and t10 yet to pick. I have all the tanks in the game researched.

My main goal is to have tanks that will help me finish 279e missions, I have good progress in Alliance (only Alliance-8 critical hits and Alliance-15 left) and in Coalition (critical hits, kills and -15 left), not much done in Bloc and Union as I didn’t play those tanks. I have 6 orders from Excalibur & Chimera.

I’m somewhat stuck with internal critical hits missions currently, to the point of thinking I have to go back to Chimera Alliance-15 and Union-15 and do those with honours.

t8 I’m considering about:

M41 Bulldog – can be useful for Alliance-15 but I already have T32 and T69 so doing it without honours should be possible – but perhaps M41 Bulldog lets me do it with honours. STA-1 – would be useful for Bloc-15 if I end up being forced to do Bloc Charioteer – possibly useful for Alliance-8 but doubtful it helps that much

t9 I’m considering about:

Progetto 66 – possibly useful for Coalitions missions WT auf Pz IV – useful for Bloc missions E-75 – useful for Bloc missions AMX Mle 51 – just a strong tank and useful for Coalitions missions

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