What was the funniest situation you witnessed in WoT?

Here’s my story from yesterday:

I was playing Emil I on Erlenberg. Within first seconds of the battle our EBR 75 FL texted: “Another shitty map”. Nothing new for me, so I continued my game. Few minutes later, as the situation was 5 vs 4 and enemy team with 2 tank destroyers left, both had never been spotted before, we couldn’t push forward without any scout. I started wondering where is our EBR 75 FL mentioned before and… it was sitting near the redline on our side. Then I looked in the chat. And it was pure gold. The EBR was arguing with everyone, mainly with our french arta. He was defending his “knowledge” about this tank with all his might: “Dear Darlings, EBR is damage dealer, so it can only snipe” and “Dear Darlings, I’m playing the weakest tank in the game, so stop talking to me”. The word “Dear Darlings” that this person was using in every comment made this even better. At some point EBR said to our Arta “If you want me to spot, darling, then do it yourself”…

We won the game, because our arta spotted the last enemies and he got 1,5k assist.

P. S. I congratulated our Arta after the game, also I texted the EBR and sent him link to Skill4ltu’s video about EBR 75 FL. Maybe it’ll help, maybe not.

(I’m aware that EBRs are not the best scouts, but in this situation, in the late-game, he was the only one, who could do it, because of the speed and camo)

And what is you story?

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