What was your first tier X tank?

My very first tier X, was AMX 30B. I made acc in 2012, and I always played WoT for about month or something, when I got bored of WoW. I was just grinding various historical WW2 tanks like Churchill VII, Tiger I, Panther I, “Easy8”, … and I was not even trying to grind tier X. When I for some reason, switched from WoW to WoT, in like 2016 (I think it was 2016), my very first tier X was AMX 30B. In that time, it was pretty much french Leo – no armor, but absolutely amazing gun. I watched some streams, and video, guides… so I knew some basics, and I can tell you, I absolutely loved it, when this tank – unlike now when its some strange french STB – when it was french Leo. It had no armor whatsovever (which is historical), but the gun.. Gun handling was so great, I dont even know how to describe it. It was my first tier X, no armor, but glorious amazing gun, with which I was managing like 52 % winrate. Really, that gun was something out of this world.

OFC there were less totally OP and BS tanks in that time, but I would even wish that they remade 30B to French Leo again. Like ye, you got some turret armor, but very medicore gun.

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