What’s a solid tech tree to start with?

Bonus points if the tanks look good too.

Since this community has been rather welcoming as well as forthcoming with advice, I thought I’d try this again now that my head is clear from the Strv K bias in my last post: what’s a good tech tree to start with as a new player?

Since I started with German battleships in WoWs (which are currently being powercrept into obsolescence by the new battlecruiser split) I thought it’d be fitting to start with the German tanks; undecided on whether to go for mediums or heavies rhough. What do you guys think?

Since I’ve come to detest mediocre accuracy and lackluster penetration, I figure any line that excels in either one or both qualities might be good for me; playstyles are something I can learn as I progress up the tech tree.

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