Whats the average WN8 and win in 2023?

There are some charts, scales like this one , but shouldn’t average be higher?

If we take that screen I posted for example, it says 1600-2K is very good.

Now, I have about 1800wn8 (sometimes I drop to like 1750 after a massive session with derp sheridan, then I farm it back again to 1800), and usually about 1900-2K recent, but I would consider myself like slightly above average most of the time, especially on tier X, above average with few specific tier X tanks, mostly heavies.

Good to very good, on like tiers 7-9, but that is to be expected, and it again depends, some tanks are just better and easier than others and all that

I know that average WoT playerbase is not really good, but if somebody has better info than that old chart screen I posted, please I would like to know

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