What’s the best tech tree line to actually learn and get good at the game ?


I’m coming back to WoT after a 2-something years hiatus, and I realized that pretty much the sole reason why I wasn’t having fun was that I am shit at the game. I can hold a like, 2k WN8 on a select few tanks for a bit if I dedicate 100% of my brain and my stats hover over the 1500 WN8 range globally, but I legitimately feel like I have no clue what the fuck to do when I play.

Can anybody recommend a tech tree line that, when played with the goal of let’s say, 2 or 3 marking every tank from tier 5 to 10 will actually teach me how to play the game, aka come out of it with a good grasp on how shit works ? I’d say I want to learn medium tanks because I feel like it gives you a sense of getting into good positions and proper HP trading, possibly heavy tanks but at this point I’m getting really bored of the Krank/Defender/Chieftain spam so I’d like to be able to work around that by coming up from their ass rather than from the front.

Last thing, I don’t care about how much gold I have to spam, I think back in the day stuff like the T-54 had to be played full gold and that’s aight in my book, however if a tank is shit without bond/bounty equipment that’s a fat no-no since I don’t do CW.

If anybody can answer that, thank you.

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