What’s the best tier 6 tank to get with my tier 6 token that also has a solid tech tree to continue using

I recently got back into the game on pc after being a console player back in 2016. I got the free tier 6 token but idk which tank I want to use it on. I have a few tier 5 tanks that I’m working on for my tech tree (m4a1 Sherman, m10 Wolverine, pz IV H, vk 30.01h and the Churchill I (my favorite tier 5 of all time). The only tier 6 that I have at the moment is the VK 36.01H (which I love) and idk which free one to get at tier 6. I’d prefer one that I’m not currently working on but there’s a lot of options. Also would love suggestions on which one has a solid tech tree to follow through from tiers 7-10. Thanks in advance!

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