What’s the big deal with WG not decreasing the number of SPGs per match (from 3 to 1) instead of nerfing them?

I apologize in advance for my bad english, it’s not my first language.

I get it, it’s probably not as simple as deleting a “3” in the code and replacing it with a “1”, but HTs are at a disadvantage and basically everyone who stands still for more than 10 seconds. Arty is supposed to break stalemates and prevent camping, but instead , in most cases, punishes players who dare to get out of cover and (arty) becomes the very thing it swore to destroy. They encourage camping and create most stalemates. Also getting a match with no SPGs feels like a blessing. I know that arties are an inevitable part of any battlefield, however it is ridiculous that as a heavy tank with armor, I take 500 dmg from a single shell AND get excluded from the battle for the entire duration of the stun. If there were to be 1 arty per match, it would be easier to:

Complete certain missions for artillery, e.g. missions where you have to get assist damage To play heavy tanks and heavier mediums and not get punished for playing using your armor, which would encourage players with worse reflexes to try this playstyle Completing some of the hardest missions in the game for example the Obj.279e’s set of missions. From my experience, I can safely say that these are not easy missions. Being top 3 in experience is hard enough (without a team that doesn’t die in the begging of the match), but having 3 arties focus the shit out of you is painful to say the least.

I also feel like I have to highlight the fact that arty is very passive in an already dynamic game. If you are going to sit by the red line and click from time to time, you might as well wait in longer queues, that would be caused, if the number of arties were to be lowered per game.

For my money that would benefit the game in longer longevity. I am looking forward to hearing your opinions on this topic.

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